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Paternity Leave Expired.

So today marks the end of 4 weeks of paternity (minus the occasional days work when it has been busy). What a time it has been, there has been ups, downs, sleep deprivation and emotions flying left right and centre. I am so luckily to have got as long as I did to enjoy such a special time with my family. Everly’s arrival into our family went as smoothly as we could have wished for, life stayed pretty much the same just with one extra person to shower with love. We were expecting it to be a little difficult on Lillith (been an only child for 2 and a half years, then *bam* someone else needs Mummy and Daddy’s attention […]

Daddy doesn’t have Boobs.

Just a small update about whats been going on in the house, haven’t written a blog in a few day. This one will be short and sweet! It has been almost 3 weeks since Everly was born, the first couple of weeks went really smooth and we thought settling in was going well. Week 1 & 2 were smooth, eat, sleep, poop that was about it no trouble with any of the 3 essentials to life. Now that week 3 is dawning on us, Everly has seemed to have become more aware of her surroundings, a lot more aware of us being present and working out who is who. As much as I love that she’s learning and developing bonds, […]

A letter to Taryn Lykaina Rose.

Dear Taryn, Today marks 2 years since the day I asked you those famous 4 words, “Will you marry me?”. It was one of the most nerve racking moments of my life, the butterflies in my stomach felt like they were going to burst out. Saying that it is also one of my most treasured memories. I am still as crazily in love with you as I was on that day and the day I met you. In these last 2 years alone we have been through so much together and encountered massive changes in our lives, all for the better. I’m unsure to if this constitutes as an anniversary, but to me today is a significant date in the […]


The lovely people at Fruitickles were kind enough to send us out a goodie bag of treats to taste and review. So first, what are Fruitickles? “Fruitickles are a fun, healthy and uniquely shaped fruit snack made with 100% fruit! We’re taking responsibility for what we feed our kids, while still making it fun. We’re passionate about Fruitickles and have truly stopped at nothing to get it right. There’s no added sugar, no artificial sugar, no artificial colour, no gelatin and no chemicals. Basically, there’s no added bad stuff! It’s both Vegetarian and Vegan friendly.” (source) What did i think of them?

Lillith’s Birth Story.

29th November 2014, almost 3 days overdue and waiting for our first child to decide to come into the world. We had tried all the old wives tales from pineapple and curry, all the way to exercise and sex. Nothing was shifting this child. For the whole of the pregnancy we referred to Bump as Roger, a small inside joke. We had no full confirmation of what gender Lillith would be as she kept her legs crossed for the entire scan. However we had a feeling she would be girl from the very beginning of the pregnancy and we only had one name chosen, Lillith Orphelia Eaton.

Newborn Revision.

Everly Jett has now been with us a little over 6 days. Although instinct kicked in from the get go. It is safe to say that my brain had forgotten to keep all the little pieces of information that are essential to looking after a tiny little baby.  Things like them first couple of days of sticky black / green poo… I was not mentally prepared for that. Also, since when did we need to take 3 bags, 4 changes of clothes and the kitchen sink just to go to the shops. I know that we went through all of this with Lillith when she was a newborn, but it’s the little things like that, that have slipped my mind. There […]

Then there were Four.

“SHAUN!” … “Shaun my waters have broken”. These were the words that awoke me at 2am on the 5th July. Still fuzzy with sleep it only took a split second to process what Taryn had just shouted at me from the hallway. Jumping out of bed quicker than the land speed record, not entirely sure what I was doing, I ran to assist Taryn with whatever towel I could find.

One Toddler and the Great Outdoors.

As a whole our family are huge lovers of the great outdoors, the fresh air and the wildlife. We love nothing better than getting our shoes dirty and exploring unknown places. Lillith however likes to take her love of outside to a whole new level. If there is mud she will find it, if there’s a puddle she will jump in it and if there’s a big mossy green tree she will hug it. Anything that’s particularly messy and she’s game. I just wanted to share with you some photos of Lillith and her favourite activity of exploring.