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Video Invitations

Mini-Epic’s Video Invitations – Who will you invite?

So, what is Mini-Epic? Mini-Epic is an online platform where you can create and send personalised video invitations for kids’ parties.  You simply personalise one of our professionally animated templates with a photo and your party details, send to your guest list via email and track your RSVPs within your account. You can also send reminders and updates about your party, and download your video invitation to keep or share on facebook. For £9.99 you can create and send your personalised video invitation to up to 30 friends, and if you need to add more, you can upgrade your guest list by adding more friends for just 10p/extra guest. – (SOURCE) With a range of different templates and styles to choose from Mini-Epic […]

Terrible Twos – Truth or Over Exaggeration.

So you’ve all heard it by now. Whether you’re a parent or not. When your child hits two years old they will see the full moon and turn into a right little shit; but is this truth or is this just a myth or an over exaggeration of development and learning. In my personal experience, when Lillith hit 2 years old she was still a very well-behaved little girl. It started a few months after that… she suddenly developed an attitude and unwillingness to listen to a word that we said. Climbing on everything, playing with switches, throwing toys and herself sometimes. The paddies and tantrums came in strong (not too often but when they came we just let her […]