The Ins & Outs.


Firstly welcome to The Modified Dad and thank you for taking the time to have a read.

Not entirely sure if everyone reads these ‘about me’ pages or if you just pick and choose certain articles that peak your interest. My name is Shaun Anthony Eaton, I am 22 years old, engaged to Taryn Lykaina Rose Park and a father of 2 beautiful girls. Lillith Orphelia and Everly Jett.

We Live in a small village on the South Coast of the UK between Southampton and Portsmouth. Being fairly close to the coast, beach trips are always going to appear in the blog somewhere and are one of our favourites things to do along with woodland walks. There is so much stuff around Hampshire to keep our family busy and active. If you’re ever around the area I would be happy to give a few suggestions.. (PEPPA PIG WORLD!!!!).

Some of you, especially those from Instagram, may already know that we are a 100% Vegan family. We believe that animals have as much right to life as ourselves and therefore refrain from Eating them or anything that comes from them. Everything from not wearing leather to not using products tested on animals. If you have any questions about veganism then I will be happy to answer them, but ridiculous comments and abuse will be ignored. Quite frankly don’t shove meat eating down my throat and I wont preach vegan to you (its that simple), we live in a world now where everyone can do what they see fit.


I think that is everything I have to say in this section. You can learn more about us from reading my posts if you wish.

**Disclaimer: There will be a lot of spelling and grammar issues.**