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One Toddler and the Great Outdoors.

As a whole our family are huge lovers of the great outdoors, the fresh air and the wildlife. We love nothing better than getting our shoes dirty and exploring unknown places. Lillith however likes to take her love of outside to a whole new level. If there is mud she will find it, if there’s a puddle she will jump in it and if there’s a big mossy green tree she will hug it. Anything that’s particularly messy and she’s game. I just wanted to share with you some photos of Lillith and her favourite activity of exploring.

Why we chose to be vegans…

So it would appear I have quite a bit of time freed up at the moment, so here is the 3rd blog in 3 days. As the title says I will be talking about why our small family chose to be vegans and going through some questions we get frequently asked. Don’t worry I wont be shoving vegan facts down your throats as that’s not what I want to blog about.

The Frustration of False Starts.

It began on the Evening of 27th June 2017, it appeared the labour was on the cards for that night. Contractions had started and were coming in fast and strong. We sat at home timing them and breathing through them, these were definitely the real deal. After an hour and a half of regular contractions we decided to ring the hospital as they say you should do. The midwife on the phone told us it was best to come in for the check ups. After arranging childcare and getting a lift to the hospital we made our way to the maternity ward where we were quickly seen by a midwife.

Lets Travel Back in Time…

So for my first post I just wanted to set the scene a little. I will do my best to keep it short and snappy so that we can get back to blogging the present day stuff as and when it happens. This one is going to be a Rollercoaster ride covering much ground so hold on tight!!! This part of my life started in the late months of 2013. I was 19 and addicted to social media (still the same story now to be honest), this is where I met Taryn on a platform you all know and┬álove, Tumblr. From the off it was definitely like no other relationship I’d ever had, but lets not get mushy. In January […]