Daddy doesn’t have Boobs.

Just a small update about whats been going on in the house, haven’t written a blog in a few day. This one will be short and sweet!

It has been almost 3 weeks since Everly was born, the first couple of weeks went really smooth and we thought settling in was going well. Week 1 & 2 were smooth, eat, sleep, poop that was about it no trouble with any of the 3 essentials to life. Now that week 3 is dawning on us, Everly has seemed to have become more aware of her surroundings, a lot more aware of us being present and working out who is who. As much as I love that she’s learning and developing bonds, this has come with a disheartening downside I’m sure many dads have experienced… fewer and fewer contented dad cuddles.

So 20 days in and Everly has realised that Dad does not have comfy,milky smelling breasts. The realisation of this fact of life means that she would much rather be with mummy. Although this is perfectly natural I found it very upsetting and felt like it was because I wasn’t good enough (stupid tired thoughts taking there toll). I would hold her and rock her and she would just cry, scream and flail. However if I passed her to Taryn, 80% of the time she would go back to been content within a few minutes. Today I have tried to do everything I possibly can to pick up Everly’s interest once again. Now that Taryn is expressing milk and using a bottle I can get a lot more hands on with the feeding. It seems to have made some progress but still need a bit more bonding. To any other dad experiencing the same thing I recommend you to just get in there, hands on (even if you’re already hands on, get in there some more, go the distance) and eventually they will come round again.

Its been a rough couple of nights with Everly not wanting to sleep in the night, this new awakening to the world seems have peaked her interest in the darker hours. As you can imagine this has led to two extremely tired parents. Tired but still very much happy and enjoying every minute of family life of 4!!

*sorry if there are any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors..its late and I’m knackered.*

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