Lillith’s Birth Story.

29th November 2014, almost 3 days overdue and waiting for our first child to decide to come into the world. We had tried all the old wives tales from pineapple and curry, all the way to exercise and sex. Nothing was shifting this child. For the whole of the pregnancy we referred to Bump as Roger, a small inside joke. We had no full confirmation of what gender Lillith would be as she kept her legs crossed for the entire scan. However we had a feeling she would be girl from the very beginning of the pregnancy and we only had one name chosen, Lillith Orphelia Eaton.

It wasn’t until the early hours of the 30th (around 4.30am) that contractions began. They weren’t too strong yet, and not to close together but Taryn knew that it was the start of a process that would result in us having our child the very next morning. The hours passed by that day rather slowly, that butterfly feeling took it place within my body, nerves slowly creeping up. It got to 4pm and the contractions were pretty close together now, Taryn opted for a bath to help with the pain and some paracetamol. only 15 minutes into the bath before we realised we should probably be making our way to the hospital now.

We were having Lillith at the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth. When we arrived we made our way to the maternity ward with the help of Taryn’s Mum and Jay. The lady at the reception desk on the labour ward, rudely had a dig at us and made an already in pain and tired Taryn even more fragile and upset. No one had mentioned to us that before going to the hospital we had to ring the labour line and the snotty lady at the desk saw it as her duty to put us in our place. Not the most politest of staff to have on the front desk to greet fragile pregnant ladies. After that not so friendly welcome, we were escorted into an examination room where it was confirmed that she was 5cm dilated and definitely inactive labour.

At this point my nerves had shot through the roof. We were going to be parents…soon! Then some new came through the door, we have been moved to the high risk ward? We looked at each other in a state of confusion. The midwife explained that Taryn’s iron levels were well below what they should have been, apparently this was picked up from one of the earlier midwife appointment but we were never informed or given any treatment for it. This meant that there was a higher chance of bleeding and a possible need for a blood transfusion.

At 6pm that evening we were transfered to B7 – the high risk labour ward, where we were given a nice room and 2 midwives. One of which was the one that saw us through the entire pregnancy, lucky! It was a long night of TV, Crosswords, Back Rubbing and changing positions. Taryn was slowly dilating further and getting even closer to pushing. It was around midnight when the decision was made to break the waters manually.

We were waiting for what felt like forever. The midwives had to leave the room to go check on someone else quickly. They were gone 2 or 3 minutes when Taryn decided it appropriote tell me she needed to start pushing.WHAT! I must say I panicked a little bit, pushed the help button and tried to relax Taryn as much as I could.

Lillith Orphelia was born into the world at 4:29am – 1st December 2014 after a 24hour labour. Weighing only 5lb 12oz.

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