The Frustration of False Starts.

It began on the Evening of 27th June 2017, it appeared the labour was on the cards for that night. Contractions had started and were coming in fast and strong. We sat at home timing them and breathing through them, these were definitely the real deal. After an hour and a half of regular contractions we decided to ring the hospital as they say you should do. The midwife on the phone told us it was best to come in for the check ups. After arranging childcare and getting a lift to the hospital we made our way to the maternity ward where we were quickly seen by a midwife.

It was now 10pm. The contractions were still going strong and after a quick examination we were told that Taryn was only 3cm dilated and needed to be at least 4cm before she would be admitted to the labour ward. We were advised to walk around the ward and the hospital grounds for a couple of hours. Barely able to walk, we (I say we but it was Taryn mostly) stumbled around the hospital for a couple of hours just as asked. Upon returning to the examination room it would appear that no progress was made even though the contractions were even stronger now. Taryn was given some strong pain killers and we were advised to return home for the night.

2am. We were home again. We decided to try and get some sleep with the thought of having to return to the hospital early that same morning. To our surprise we both woke up around 7am the next morning.. no contractions. They had just ceased (I didn’t even know that was possible). A little bit confused and slightly disheartened, we decided to have a walk outside and do everything we knew could help to start them up again. Nothing worked. So we ended up sitting and watching Netflix most of the day and I also wrote my first blog whilst Taryn had another nap.

28th June – 5pm. Hold the phone, they were back with a bit of extra kick to them. It seemed very strange but they were back, labour had once again started. After 3 hours or so we decided we would ring the hospital again to be on the safe side as they were less than 5 minutes apart and 1 to 2 minutes in duration. The midwife this time told us that the contractions had to be evenly space out at 3 minutes apart for at least 1 hour. That’s pretty damn precise if you ask me but there you have it. Ran Taryn a nice hot bath and relaxed for awhile. A few more hours passed and they were not settling at 3 minutes.. some were 1 minute apart, others 4 or 5 minutes. Once again we came to the conclusion of sleeping and riding it out.

This Morning came around, and guess what, no contractions once again. After a bit of frustrated googling.. it would appear that Taryn is in Prodromal Labour. This means contractions stopping and starting up again at random, but usually in the night. This can last for days and sometimes even weeks before Active Labour sets in. Luckily we have a Midwife appointment tomorrow so I’m hoping they can clear up some of the questions we have.

Just wanted to share this with you whilst it was fresh in my mind. I hope it made for a good read. I have included a link for any of you that are interest more in Prodromal Labour. (

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