Then there were Four.

“SHAUN!” … “Shaun my waters have broken”.

These were the words that awoke me at 2am on the 5th July. Still fuzzy with sleep it only took a split second to process what Taryn had just shouted at me from the hallway. Jumping out of bed quicker than the land speed record, not entirely sure what I was doing, I ran to assist Taryn with whatever towel I could find.

After a pure moment of what could only be described as organised chaos, I realised that I would need to ring the labour line and tell them. After a short phone call to one of Portsmouth’s On Call Midwives, we were advised to stay at home as long as possible and wait for contractions to close in on us. She said that if they didn’t get any closer together then we could go in at 9am that morning regardless. We arranged for Lillith’s Grandparents to pick her up at 6am that morning just so that she was safe and settled incase anything happened fast.

Lets just say it wasn’t a very long wait (although it seemed fairly long). 7am arrived and the contractions were coming in strong and every 5-6 minutes apart, ideally the hospital said they wanted them every 3 minutes but Taryn was in so much pain I decided to ring them up again. After 10 minutes on the phone of Umming and Arring they decided it was probably best to make our way to the hospital. Any of you that know what Portsmouth rush hour is like will know the dread that was running through my head at this point, “were we going to make it there”. Jay came round in the car to give us a lift to the hospital.

What seemed like the longest 8mile journey of my life had just taken place. My heart was racing and Taryn was visibly in the most pain I have ever seen her in. We reached the Hospital at 8.20am and the contractions were coming what seemed constantly now. I was running on 3 hours sleep and a bucket of adrenaline by this point. There was no parking at the drop off point so Jay had to park on top of the zebra crossing (I don’t know why you need to know that but it’s in my head so I will write it down) and run and get Taryn a hospital chair as she was unable to walk at this point. Loaded up like a mule with 3 bags of maternity “essentials”, which we barely even used by the way, I wheeled Taryn off into the hospital. Can anyone guess where the labour ward is? That’s right 2nd floor near the rear of the hospital.. the second most furthest area away. Looking around for any signs of ward B5 and pressing the door buzzer to enter. The lady at the desk gladly greeted us with “Hello, Have you got your pregnancy notes?”…. FUCK!!

As you can probably guess I did not have the notes, they were sitting on the sofa back at home. Apparently these are very well needed on the labour ward. Taryn still very much so in labour we were taken into one of the rooms on the ward where we met the midwife that would be assisting our daughter into the world. In what little time I had available I rang Jay to ask him to come back to the hospital, collect our house keys, drive back to our house to get the notes and then deliverer the notes back to the hospital.. (Jay if you’re reading this you’re an absolute star). So anyway back to the labour side of things. It was about 8.40am now and the midwife was asking questions in between contractions so that she had all the basic things she needed to get stuff moving along. 20minutes later and a fully clothed Taryn decided that it was definitely time to be pushing. I helped her up onto the bed and her lower half was striped off quicker than a strike of lightning.

9am – I’m not really two sure what happened over the next 21 minutes, its mostly just haze as I helped Taryn through each push. Seeing the top of your babies head appear between your fiancรฉ’s akimbo legs is one of the most surreal experiences. We were then greeted by a second midwife in the room, I’m not entirely sure where she came from. There was talk about some help in assisting with the birth due to our babies lowered heart rate, which involved making a small cut to avoid tearing. Obviously neither Taryn or Baby enjoyed the thought of such an invasive procedure as in the next 2 push Everly Jett was born into the world. I had the honours of cutting the cord just like I had with Lillith when she arrived. Child birth is one amazing thing to witness.

1 hour after arriving at the hospital and 21 minute of pushing our precious Everly breathed the same air as us for the very first time. Born 9.21am on the 5th July and weighing 7lb 9oz. My life has never been more amazing than it is right now!!


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