Why we chose to be vegans…

So it would appear I have quite a bit of time freed up at the moment, so here is the 3rd blog in 3 days. As the title says I will be talking about why our small family chose to be vegans and going through some questions we get frequently asked. Don’t worry I wont be shoving vegan facts down your throats as that’s not what I want to blog about.

We have been vegans for over a year now. For those that don’t know what veganism is it just means we avoid and do not buy or consume any product made from an animal. No meat, no dairy, no egg, no leather etc etc. We chose this lifestyle as we don’t agree with an industry that abuses and slaughters animals for humans wants (not needs).

We are a very animal loving family and I hope that when the girls are older they will choose to follow in our footsteps and stay vegan. However it is ultimately their own choice and we wont stop them if they want to start eating meat. We believe that animals have as much right to life as everyone else.

So Lets go through some FAQs:

“Where do you get your protein from?”

This one gets me every time… I’m not even going to dignify anyone who asked that question to my face with an answer. But yes we get plenty of protein from meat substitutes, mushrooms, beans, pulses and pretty much any other food.

“Do you force your child to be a vegan?”

Another hilarious question, No we do not force her. She is happy eating exactly what we eat. We simply just don’t buy animal products because that’s how we feel about it. She knows that she cant eat certain things (as she is also lactose intolerant like me) and she is happy with that. She has so much compassion for animals. We could turn around and ask “Do you force your child to eat animals?” but we don’t because its a totally stupid question, a child eats what the parents eat out of convenience. If Lillith wanted to eat meat in the future then as her parent I am totally fine with that as its her own life choice at the end of the day.

Health care are happy that everything Lillith needs to grow can be found in her plant based diet and they have no concerns what so ever that she is not healthy. For me that is all that matters.

“You don’t know what you’re missing out on.”

Considering I was a meat eater for 21 years of my life, I know exactly what I’m ‘missing out on’ and I know that it does taste good. I wont deny that. Morally, I just choose not to fund cruelty to animals.

That’s all I’m going to write about veganism on this blog. if you have any other questions or are interested further you can also get in touch and we can talk about it one on one. This post is not made to offend anyone who wishes to eat meat, nor is it about preaching veganism. It is purely my desire to share with you a little more about our family and life choices.


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