Newborn Revision.

Everly Jett has now been with us a little over 6 days. Although instinct kicked in from the get go. It is safe to say that my brain had forgotten to keep all the little pieces of information that are essential to looking after a tiny little baby.  Things like them first couple of days of sticky black / green poo… I was not mentally prepared for that. Also, since when did we need to take 3 bags, 4 changes of clothes and the kitchen sink just to go to the shops. I know that we went through all of this with Lillith when she was a newborn, but it’s the little things like that, that have slipped my mind. There is so much to remember from, what do you dress them in for certain temperatures?, to what certain facial expressions tell you?

Its only been 2 and  a half years since Lillith was a fresh little newborn baby but I already feel like ive had to relearn everything all over again. Already Everly has become the Polar Opposite to what Lillith was as a baby. The main difference been that Lillith was bottle fed and I could help out a lot with the feeds and give Taryn a rest. Everly been breastfed means that I cannot help out as much and that no matter if im awake first Taryn still have to get up to feed her, I can only imagine how difficult it is and how much energy it drains. Lillith refused to settle at nights point-blank unless it was in her swing with white noise playing loudly. Everly will sleep in her crib at night but only once she has fully fallen asleep with the comfort of a breast.

However I must say this time round I am a whizz at changing nappies in record speed!! It was a bit more difficult when the cord was still attached to her belly, but that dropped off a couple of days ago… one less thing to worry about.

The last 6 days have felt like a full on crash course in how to look after a child who cannot talk. Saying that I feel that I have picked it all back up super fast.


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