One Toddler and the Great Outdoors.

As a whole our family are huge lovers of the great outdoors, the fresh air and the wildlife. We love nothing better than getting our shoes dirty and exploring unknown places. Lillith however likes to take her love of outside to a whole new level. If there is mud she will find it, if there’s a puddle she will jump in it and if there’s a big mossy green tree she will hug it. Anything that’s particularly messy and she’s game. I just wanted to share with you some photos of Lillith and her favourite activity of exploring.

Queen Elizabelth Country Park
Queen Elizabeth Country Park – Lillith Aged 6 Months.
Holly Hill Country Park
Holly Hill – Lillith Aged 7/8 Months.
Forest of Bere
Forest of Bere – Lillith Aged 1 year.
Bognor Regis
Bognor Regis – Lillith Aged 1 Year
Hedge End Park
Hedge End Park – Lillith Aged 1 Year
Holly Hill2
Holly Hill – Lillith Aged 1 Year
Our Garden
Our Garden Area – Lillith Aged 2 Years.
Farmers Field
Farmers Fields – Meon – Lillith Aged 2 Years.
Strawberry Picking
Pickwell Farm – Lillith Aged 2 Years.


** Photo credit to¬†Lykaina Rose for the majority of these.. except the ones she’s in obviously. **

We are massively lucky here in Hampshire to be surrounded by some absolutely stunning countryside, woodlands and historical buildings. We have country parks around every corner and have visited all of them a fair few times. Here are just a few that are well worth the visit if you ever find yourself down this way:



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