The lovely people at Fruitickles were kind enough to send us out a goodie bag of treats to taste and review.

So first, what are Fruitickles?

“Fruitickles are a fun, healthy and uniquely shaped fruit snack made with 100% fruit! We’re taking responsibility for what we feed our kids, while still making it fun. We’re passionate about Fruitickles and have truly stopped at nothing to get it right.

There’s no added sugar, no artificial sugar, no artificial colour, no gelatin and no chemicals. Basically, there’s no added bad stuff! It’s both Vegetarian and Vegan friendly.” (source)

What did i think of them?

Lets start with the packaging. Straight out the box everything I received was packaged in a nice little tote bag, i know you wouldn’t get this if you brought from a shop but it was a lovely little extra. The packaging that contained the fruity chews was easy to read, bright and portrayed a variety of Disney characters. This makes them very appealing to children which again is excellent. Within the goodie bag was a few different products consisting of Game/Activity Packs, Surprise Eggs and Just your usual packs of fruit gummies.  The Activity Packs and Eggs contain little collectable Disney Discs and Characters – don’t go expecting figurines or anything they’re just simple little things that keep your child happy.

The chews themselves were very flavourful and very fruity. They were shaped like the characters on the packets, for example the stormtrooper pack had little stormtrooper sweets in. Surprisingly for a treat with no added sugar they were just as sweet as your usual fruity chew sweets. From each pack you get a good handful, and just enough for a child to snack on. Due to having no artificial colourings they were all a dark reddish / purple colour and to me they looked a little odd but this did not affect their great taste.

What we like the most as the parents is that these are 100% cruelty free and vegan friendly!! It’s great to see some gummy sweets without gelatine in them. Lillith is over the moon that she can now have treats that have her favourite characters on them too.

What did the toddler think?

The first thing Lillith saw when we opened the package was DISNEY! That was it she was sold. Diving into the bag and grabbing as much as she possibly could. The first thing she wanted to open was the surprise eggs (she’s obsessed with them bloody egg videos on youtube). She was very impressed by the princess items that came out the egg and wanted to play with them immediately. At first bite Lillith was rather unsure of the texture of Fruitickles and it took her a little while to get used to them, shes not eaten many chewy sweets before. As you can imagine with any child trying a new food she was to impressed by the first couple of bites. A couple of hours later she came back for another pack and said they were really yummy, I’ll take that as a success.

I would also like to thank the Fruitickles team for the lovely note they sent and the little extras that they sent for Lillith. She is absolutely over the moon with her new Minions Plate, Cup and Spoon.

Where can i find Fruitickles?

You can find them in supermarkets such as ASDA and Tesco.



**Disclaimer: All views on the Fruitickles products are my own personal opinion. These items sent to me for the purpose of this review. I was not paid say anything that I did not agree with.**

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