Mini-Epic’s Video Invitations – Who will you invite?

Video Invitations

So, what is Mini-Epic?

Mini-Epic is an online platform where you can create and send personalised video invitations for kids’ parties.  You simply personalise one of our professionally animated templates with a photo and your party details, send to your guest list via email and track your RSVPs within your account. You can also send reminders and updates about your party, and download your video invitation to keep or share on facebook.

For £9.99 you can create and send your personalised video invitation to up to 30 friends, and if you need to add more, you can upgrade your guest list by adding more friends for just 10p/extra guest. – (SOURCE)

With a range of different templates and styles to choose from Mini-Epic seems to be a great place to start when looking at online invitations. Some of the themes include; superheroes, robots, rainbows, secret agents and bowling alongside many more. Check out this explainer video for more information.

Ease of Use and User Interface. ~

After having a play around looking at all the available templates on the site I settled for one I liked. Making the invitation is simple, straight forward and take no skill on your behalf at all. 100% Hassle Free. Simply create an account, choose your desired template, fill in the blanks and away you go. It’s that easy.

After payment you’re taken to your account, where you can write-up your guest list. Simply type in your guest’s name, then email address and click ADD. Once you have your list of guests, simply select all and send.  The whole process took me about 20 minutes, that included signing up and looking at templates. It’s so easy my Nan could do it and she isn’t a fan of computers.

Quality of the Invitations. ~

The animations for these invites are absolutely superb. You can tell that Mini-Epic has put in 110% effort when designing and creating these short videos with a variety of themes. The fact that you are able to customise these videos with a photo of the birthday boy or girl just adds a little extra fun and a special touch to your invitation.

When watching your preview after you have made your invite, you may think there is lack of quality and some pixellation. It does actually state that the preview is a lower quality version in the bottom of the screen. My guess is this reduces the loading and waiting time on the website to allow it to be a lot more reliable. However, all the trial invites I sent out came through in excellent quality.

Value for Money. ~

This one is a very easy answer. Definitely. 30 personalised invitations sent to people via email within 15 minutes or less from start to finish for only £9.99. Saving you a lot of time and effort, hand writing each invite, sealing it, paying for a stamp and posting it. Furthermore Mini-Epic keeps track of all your RSVPs on one easy and user-friendly account interface.

For £9.99 (+10p per invite for over 30 recipients) you can guarantee your moneys worth.

Would I use Mini-Epic again? ~

YES. – What more can I say that I haven’t said in the above paragraphs. Therefore to wrap this review up I will do a small Pros and Cons summary.


  • Ease of Use – it’s so easy the kids could do it themselves (preferably with adult supervision of course).
  • Quality Animated Videos – taking party invitations into 21st Century.
  • Value for Money – Send 30 invites for the price of 15 1st class stamps.Its a no brainer.
  • A variety of templates to choose from with that added touch of personalisation.
  • Keeps all RSVPs in one easily availble space.

CON – I can only think of the one:

  • Sometimes invites sent out end up in strange folders inside of straight to inbox – by no fault of Mini Epic but could be a problem in some cases.

Website: Mini-Epic


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