Lets Travel Back in Time…

So for my first post I just wanted to set the scene a little. I will do my best to keep it short and snappy so that we can get back to blogging the present day stuff as and when it happens. This one is going to be a Rollercoaster ride covering much ground so hold on tight!!!

This part of my life started in the late months of 2013. I was 19 and addicted to social media (still the same story now to be honest), this is where I met Taryn on a platform you all know and love, Tumblr. From the off it was definitely like no other relationship I’d ever had, but lets not get mushy. In January I decided that we had to meet up in person, I sat on the train for 5-6hours from Northampton Station all the way down to the south coast with multiple changes. We quickly established ourselves as a couple and I never went back to Northampton and I moved straight in that week.


It was now early April and a few months and excitement, drinking and pure chaos had already passed (we were reckless as we all are when we are young and in love). Morning Sickness and a Pregnancy test showing positive marks the first findings that infact later that year we were going to be Parents! At first there was a period of confusion for a few hours before we realised that we were absolutely over the moon. We both knew from a younger age that we wanted children one day but we never knew it would come so soon. We wouldn’t of changed it for the world, here we are 3 years later having our second child, this time planned.


I’m not going to go into the pregnancy too much, we all know how it goes, I might save that for another post. Some people would consider that fast and irresponsible but we knew that we were committed and as soon as we found out we knew this was what we wanted as a couple. Its a fact that a lot of young parents break up and go there own ways but that’s not us.

Skip forward a few months and its the 1st December 2014 – Lilliths Birthday. The day the idea of having a child became 100% reality. I can safely say the most memorable day of my entire life. Born 5lb 12oz she was the smallest, cutest, little human I had ever seen. I still to this day remember the first time we locked eyes in the labour ward at QA hospital Portsmouth. That was the day my fatherly instinct switched on and took over.


That’s all for this post I think, I will go into more detail about The Carrying and Birth of Lillith Orphelia Eaton in more detail in future posts. Hope you enjoyed this little insight into our lives. Feel free to comment or message.


– Shaun

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